The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) has been established as a charitable foundation with the following mission, vision and services:

Mission & Vision:

To encourage inclusive between able bodied and disabled: serious and amateur; young and old to pursue physical and emotional well-being for healthy living. The accumulative positivity is a catalyst for all parties to achieve self-actualizing goals which promote a sense of  pride ,accomplishment and self-satisfaction.


Inclusive training, coaching and outreach programs including schools, centers of disabilities, community centers, sporting clubs together with partners such as key individuals, public institutions and private sector organizations.


Join our Inclusion Journey :
Hand Bicycling 

During the course of the trip through the length of Pakistan, the team will:

  • hold workshops with disabled people's associations and various hospitals and rehabilitation centres

  • provide motivational talks for public and private sectors, as well as educational institutions

  • promote sports for disable people, particularly in

    • hand cycling experiential workshops

    • para-rowing experiential workshops (Rawalpindi)

    • marathon & wheel chair racing training sessions

    • scuba diving for the physically challenged (Karachi)


A core team of two hand-bikers and two able-bodied cyclists, assisting and supporting each other, will overcome a journey of 3000km from China to Pakistan through mountains, plains and deserts. Along the way, they will tell of all their experiences and enlightenment to all who would listen...

Your Donations Will Fund 

Coaching and Outreach

Our volunteers and coaches will host seminars and workshops not only along the way of K2K but also among our local bases: Hong Kong and Pakistan.  Actively reaching out to relevant groups, our team will share the hardships endured and overcome via inspirational speeches and practical workshops.

Activity Inclusiveness

Disability does not automatically mean a sedentary lifestyle. In this day and age, many inventions allow the paraplegic to enjoy activities just like any able-bodied adult. Our team cannot wait to introduce such means to enable both the abled and the disabled community to get physical together!


Gear trouble? Spiritual Support? Seeking know how? With our 24/7 online chat system, we have staff, volunteers & experts alike checking in to any questions. Based on our experiences, we will provide responses to any advise sought, even tapping our external contacts if its something entirely foreign.


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